Sunday, May 29, 2005

An Ally in the War Against the Roanoke Times

Hey, Salt, thanks for inviting me to ramble incoherently here even when you're not away!

I was reading the on-line Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning because they had a big editorial about the recent Game and Inland Fisheries unpleasantness. Lo and behold, I found this affirmation of your life's work:

Readers of The Roanoke Times' editorials no doubt were amused to see -- not long
after the paper blasted hypocrisy on Capitol Hill and defended the filibuster --
a piece condemning "minority tyranny" on stem-cell research and criticizing
Majority (that's Majority, by the way) Leader Bill Frist for threatening to tie
up stem-cell legislation. The kicker was the paper's closing lament: "So much
for . . . logical consistency."