Sunday, May 15, 2005

What Do Rural Voters Want?

I've been a pretty lousy stand-in for Salt Lick. I don't see how some of these prolific bloggers do it.

Lord knows I've looked over the Roanoke Times, Salt Lick's favorite target, and it's about as bad as he says it is. Of course, speaking for a rural area like it does, I would expect it to show a little more insight into the rural psyche than the article they ran today on Kaine and Kilgore trying to hustle rural votes. It's here, by the way.

Are god, guns, and twang all rural voters care about? Don't "y'all" have education, transportation, and environmental concerns? You wouldn't know you did from this article. At least Kilgore mentioned that there were other issues. Kaine's too busy trying to prove he's got SW connections.