Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Those Pesky Congressional Globetrotters

Today's Briefly Put remarks that
At least 43 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and nearly 200 aides have belatedly reported trips financed by special interests.

Of course, the Roanoke Times also suggests that the attention is due to the fact that Tom DeLay is among the 43.

But, as Lars Hagen pointed out three weeks ago,
Since 2000 members of Congress have taken 5,410 trips, half were sponsored by non-profit groups that don't have to disclose who is providing the money. Democrats took 3,025 trips; Republicans 2,375, Independents, 10. Rep. Harold Ford, Democrat of Tenn. took the most trips: 63. Delay (clearly not one of the worst offenders) took 14 trips. He [Delay] ranked 28th for value of trips, and 114th in the number taken (data: usa-today 4/26 -- clearly not one of Delay's supporters).
(emphasis added)

Just another example of the Roanoke Times' inability to pay attention to any of the facts that don't fit their particular bias.