Friday, July 01, 2005

Full Court Press

As the old Salt noted in a comment below, the wise old common-taters at the Roanoke Times have weighed in on the President's State of the War speech: Honor the troops in deed, not just words. Not surprisingly, they seem to have cherry-picked their complaint list from every talking point memo they could find, including the soon-to-be-forgotten Downing Street Memos. And, of course, their tired old eyes are bleeding at the President's references to September 11, as if the unfortunate incidents of that day could have anything to do with World War IV.

I think another reason the Times waited a couple of days to weigh in was so they could find some additional anti-Bush columns for the other half of the op-ed pages, and they bagged a couple of doozies, neither of which are available on the online version of the paper. One piece, by some fellow named Horowitz, purported to be an alternate version of the President's speech, and was pure poppycock. I'm sure Mr. Horowitz thought he was being funny, but actually he just proved that he is an idiot of the first water. The whole applause meme is just plain embarrassing for the poor fellow. The second piece is about 9 pages long (the link is to its San Jose Mercury News version). Well, all right, it's only about 9/10 of one page long, but whew! The author, Larry Diamond, is a Hoover Fellow. I could quip that that's why his thinking sucks, but I won't. Anyhow, his thesis is that the U.S. is bad and needs to get out of Iras so that the insurgents will quit insurging. Surely they will quit blowing up innocent Iraqis if only the bad U.S. nazis would leave. He's also the author of Squandered Victory, so it's pretty clear what his personal agenda is.

I'm going back out into the woods.