Sunday, February 20, 2005

Yo Mama!

You know a campaign is going to be dirty when nine months before the election one of the candidate's newspaper-mouthpieces starts attacking his opponent's mother. Today's Roanoke Times plumbs new lows with its "investigation" of Willie Mae Kilgore's role as voter registrar of Scott County. The possible "scandal" involves an election in which a total of 712 people voted. The Roanoke Times devotes almost THREE full pages to the story.

What's next, Roanoke Times? Maybe someone in the Kilgore family is gay? DIG DEEPER ROANOKE TIMES! FIGHT THE POWER!

Meanwhile, farmers in Albemarle County discover that Kilgore's opponent gets their goat.

RT's "jump" to cover this story is also noted at Southwest Virginia Law Blog .