Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Roanoke Times Editors Afraid to Think?

It's amazing, but over the last several days the Roanoke Times editorials have cited, as support for their arguments, the following publications and organizations:

-- The New Republic
-- Congressional Budget Office
-- The New York Times
-- The ACLU
-- The American Library Association
-- American Editor, publication of the American Society of Newspaper Editors
-- Vera Institute of Justice (more on this above)

With the exception of the Congressional Budget Office, the guiding philosophy of all of these is liberal-to-left wing. It's truly astonishing to discover that the reading of an editorial board is so lacking in philosophical range. You'd think that for the sake of argument, even to erect a straw man, that the writers could cite to arguments different from their own. Do they ever read "The Weekly Standard," "The National Review," "The Washington Times," or even "The Atlantic Monthly?" Or do they only read opinions that agree with their own?

It's as if the Roanoke Times is intellectually incurious, or dare we use the word -- bigoted?