Saturday, April 02, 2005

Well doggies, we're "pundits."... What exactly is that, Jethro?

The Salt Lick is flattered and tinkled pink about being mentioned in Will Vehrs'"Virginia Pundit Watch." Will is also a contributor to Bacon's Rebellion, a round-table of wonks specializing in Virginia politics and public policy. Bacon's Rebellion, along with several other blogs such as Commonwealth Conservative, Sic Semper Tyrannis, One Man's Trash, and others on their blogroles, are great places for the average Virginian to see policy and politics argued. They say that no one who loves sausage or laws should watch either being made, but the blogs represent the fun part.

The Salt Dome -- Salt Lick International Headquarters Posted by Hello

Well, with all the publicity, we better tidy up the homestead. Some feller named Chris Matthews already came by and interviewed one of our neighbors, probably tryin' to get dirt on Salt Lick. Just in case you missed it Wuzzadem has the transcript.