Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Another sign the filibuster cave-in was bad for Republicans

Today's Roanoke Times editorial, in part:

Virginia's Sen. John Warner played a key role, along with West Virginia Democrat Robert C. Byrd, in forging the compromise. They worked together to remind their colleagues that the role of the Senate is both advice and consent.

Alas, Virginia junior Sen. George Allen was one of the partisan bomb-throwers urging Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to pull the nuclear trigger. He urged fellow Republicans not to be timid - as if that has been a Republican failing of late.

Speaking on the Senate floor after the announcement of the compromise, Warner said, "I am proud to have been a part of this."

Virginia should be proud, also. At least of one of her senators.

As usual, Jeff Goldstein and his commenters at protein wisdom provide some insightful and obscene thoughts on the episode (scroll up to read the main post). Jeff hits my own emotions on the head with:

I have great sympathy for all those who are beginning to question why they’ve given so much time and energy to win the party the presidency—as well as control of both the House and the Senate—only to watch their elected officials allow the minority party to control the government.