Friday, May 27, 2005

Attention Editor Mike Riley: Media credibility is in the toilet, even if the Koran isn’t...

Michele Malkin offers analysis of the Newsweek-Koran debacle.

Guess where the news clearing the U.S. military of desecrating the Koran is today in the Roanoke Times? Deep inside on page 8. Guess where the story was placed when it looked like it might be true? Front page. Guess where a follow-up was placed when the story's accuracy began to crumble? Page 3. Don't worry, it'll be placed on the front page when an anonymous source tells Time or CNN she heard from a friend of a friend that a Gitmo inmate had nightmares after seeing a guard munch down on pork rinds.

Want to hide stuff? Remember to turn your next Easter egg hunt over to editor Mike Riley (a former Executive Producer at Time/CNN's

UPDATE: Even a contributor to "America's oldest journal covering the newspaper industry," Editor and Publisher, suggest that with regard to the U.S. military, the media is The Dog That Didn't Bark.