Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bush Derangement Syndrome -- a mind is a terrible thing to waste

PLEASE read the Roanoke Times' editorial this morning and when you do, ask yourself this -- "If the Bush administration admitted all the catalogue of wrongs listed in this editorial, how would the next Roanoke Times read?"

And then go to the front page and look at the bloody picture and ask, "How many Arabs become suicide bombers because of the mainstream media's determination to use events like the scandal at Abu Ghraib prison to undermine the presidency of George Bush?"

Remember the Roanoke Times calling Bush a "turkey" when he visited the troops in Iraq in November 2003?

Remember the RT's editorial staff and their serial drive-by character assassinations of George Bush as the 2004 election approached?

Remember the Roanoke Times running a bold, black front-page headline, only days before the presidential election, proclaiming (falsely as it turned out) that hundreds of thousands had died in the Iraq war?

Remember the Roanoke Times running a front-page headline the day before the Iraqi elections on Jan. 30, 2005 that proclaimed something like "Panic Seizes Baghdad as Elections Appear in Doubt!"

Etc, etc, etc.

If you want the real story on Iraq, you can't rely on mainstream media minds warped by Bush Derangement Syndrome. Instead, visit soldiers and citizens more interested in the safety of their buddies and American security. Try

Mudville Gazette
Austin Bay
Strategy Page.

For a few.