Monday, May 02, 2005

The weekly bile

Here's our weekly roundup of some of the Roanoke Times' editorials --

Friday, April 22 – “Ethics? We don’t need no stinking ethics. Tom Delay’s Hole-in-the-Head Gang proposes to keep the House watchdog muzzled. With the fate of the House ethics committee at stake, Republican leaders are acting like devious villains in an old Western movie serial.”

Saturday, April, 23 – “The high cost of deregulation. Promised blessings from market competition in the electricity industry haven’t materialized and the Grandma Millies pay dearly.”

Sunday, April 24 –“The public needs press protections. For the pen to be truly mightier than the sword, Congress should enact a shield law for reporters to gather news without fear or intimidation.

Monday, April 25 – “The lure of tax cuts vs. the reality of effects. Before swooning for anti-tax politicians, Virginians should weigh tax relief against the need for roads, schools, and other public essentials. Kilgore...emphatically opposed the tax increases engineered by Gov. Mark Warner, which have just begun to restore the state’s financing of transportation, education and other services that keep the economy and society functioning.”

Tuesday, April 26 - “Republican hypocrisy on the ‘nuclear option.’ The use of filibusters against judicial nominees is not unprecedented, radical or dangerous – no matter what Sen. Frist says... If Frist exercises the ‘nuclear option’ he will have detonated a ‘dirty bomb’ of hypocrisy.”

Wednesday, April 27 – “Secure the nation’s intergenerational pact. President Bush’s inability to sell his Social Security privatization shows that Americans want the current system’s safety net left in place. ..While Bush has convinced the nation that the retirement program is in financial trouble (despite a far worse crisis looming in Medicare), he has been unable to maintain the fiction that diverting trillions of dollars to private accounts will somehow bolster Social Security’s long term solvency... President Bush lost this debate because privatization was never really about saving Social Security...”

Thursday, April 28 – “Two candidates without a transportation solution. Neither Jerry Kilgore nor Tim Kaine has presented an effective answer to transportation’s fundamental problem in Virginia: sparse money....The root is a revenue base hewed and skewed by former Gov. Jim Gilmore’s reckless tax-cutting.”

Friday, April 29 – “The real price of foreign oil. True energy independence will take far more than President Bush has begun to offer. President Bush’s anemic bid to appear proactive about rising energy prices only served to demonstrate how little real effort he made in his first term to move the United States away from it’s dependence on foreign oil...This, we suppose, is the best you can expect from a Texas oilmann whose energy policy was written by industry lobbyists.”