Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Roanoke Times confuses Carribean clubs

"...snarling dogs, chains, shackles, women's underwear placed on prisoners' heads, lap dances and other sexual humiliation..."

The Roanoke Times' Bush Derangement Syndrome flares again over torture allegations which most of the world now understands have been proven untrue. Yet, despite the fact an investigation uncovered four unpunished abuses out of 24,000 interviews at Gitmo, or 0.000167 percent of all interrogations, the Times continues its campaign to undermine and defeat the real enemy, Chimpy Bush McHitlerburton. Meanwhile, Jeff Goldstein at Protein Widsom tries to explain to them that hyperbolic rhetoric matters.

But you know, even if there were torture occurring at Gitmo, would that be morally as bad as the Iraqi citizens killed every day by homicide bombers whipped into a frenzy by an irresponsible press? I mean, arern't the lives of Iraq children worth more than the joy of revealing a man's wearing size 12 women's panties on his head?