Monday, March 07, 2005

The Insurgency Continues...but it's not the one you think

The “news” pages of today’s Roanoke Times sadly illustrate the paper’s continuing efforts to vent its spleen on the Bush McHitlerburton administration, no matter what the cost.

Let’s not spend too much time on the subheadline written by an RT minion for a news “analysis” of Condi Rice’s performance: “She has accomplished some things that Colin Powell could not, but some of it is just luck.” You can almost hear the writer choking back the urge to insert “dumb” in there.

Perhaps worse is the incomplete AP story the RT runs on its front page concerning the accidental shooting of an Italian journalist in Iraq. There is much wrong that the RT could have corrected if it wanted, but let's just note that while the AP article used by the RT begins "Left-wing journalist Giuliana Sgrena..," Ms. Sgrena actually works for what another AP story calls "the communist daily Il Manifesto." Well, you know, the RT wouldn't want to slant the story by letting the reader know that.

Typically, Jeff Goldstein at protein wisdom rips the MSM slant on the story to shreds with a good dose of humor. Read it.

As "blogfather" Glenn Reynolds notes at Instapundit

One suspects that a lot of people are happy to have a story they can use to take some of the bloom off events in Iraq, regardless of what liberties have to be taken with the truth.


Read it all, and compare it with what the Roanoke Times put on its front page under the large, screaming title "I could have been the target."

Sure Giuliana, and pasta was invented by the Vikings.