Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bring back the WPA!

Sources inside the Roanoke Times tell us that a recent story about moonshine operations in Franklin County inspired new anti-big coal editor and green activist Dan Radmacher with visions of kinder and gentler industry to solve SW Virginia's jobs problem.

"It's so, so... organic!" Radmacher is reported to have exclaimed of his new brainchild. Look for his next column to encourage development of a pottery industry which would not only cut health-care premiums with beneficial healing therapy ("Feel the wet, slithery mud. Watch the spinning, the spinning. Don't you feel better already?"), but supply containers for Franklin County's famous home-grown refreshment. SW Virginians will create these works of art in government- established pottery barns lining the interstate highways.

"We'll sell fried possum and call the stores 'Jugs'" a beaming Radmacher said. "Kind of an Appalachian 'Hooters.' Won't that be great?"

Bring back the good old WPA! Posted by Hello