Monday, April 18, 2005

Old Media gone with the wind?

Though Professor Jay Rosen at PressThink uses lots of big words, Salt Lick reads him to get an idea of where this blogging revolution might be going. Looks like it's all coming down to "Why walk outside and pick my newspaper off the driveway when I can just walk to my study and go online?"

Or as one of Professor Rosen's correspondents wrote-

"...what happens when advertisers stop believing that advertising works? When they realize that everyone else dumps the inserts and the bagpacks and the fliers in the trash first, just like they do? And when enough old hardbitten used car and appliance traders finally go to the internet and classifieds go entirely digital, won't the Emperor catch a breeze in his hinder parts?"

It's definitely breezy...

"Brother Jeff Jarvis says we're at a tipping point with citizen's media:
"I know of the heads of at least three national TV news operations who are eager to incorporate citizens' media; I know of more newspaper editors who are finally sidling up to the concept. I hear less and less of the dismissive jabs from big-time editors about small-time citizen journalists. Blogs are now a regular feature on MSNBC and CNN. Bloggers are getting quoted in newspapers and credited with big stories (Trent, Dan, et al). Newspapers are getting published with citizens' news.

It's spreading. It's tipping."

Steve Outing makes similar points at Editor and Publisher. "Can newspapers tranform classifieds from a dull database to a thriving community? They're going to have to."

And remember how the Roanoke Times was advertising for an online production editor just last month?

Well doggies, we're in the middle of something historic, Jethro.