Saturday, May 28, 2005

Chrisley seeks Democratic nomination in 7th District

Barbara Chrisley, retired associate professor of foods and nutrition at Radford University, announced she's switching parties and would eat three Big Macs and a bag of Hostess Twinkies a day if that's what it takes to get in the House of Delegates.

More here on Chrisley's political rebirth.


Contained in Barbara Chrisley's campaign announcement:

She said the GOP pushes for lower taxes but also increased services. "That does not quite add up. The promise of a thriving economy will not take care of unfunded mandates from Washington."

Today's Roanoke Times:

We've skewered GOP gubernatorial hopeful Jerry Kilgore as he sweet-talks his way toward his party's nomination, dripping those honeyed promises voters so love to hear: I'll cut your taxes and pay for the services you need.