Thursday, May 19, 2005

Maybe they'll even throw us a ball sometimes

Commenter RoanokeFound passed The Salt Lick a message from Roanoke Times blog manager Jim Ellison asking if we'd like to join its blogroll. Thanks to RoanokeFound (and my apologies for not yet linking to you). There are many good folks on The Times' blogroll, but if you look at political cartoons like the one in today's Times (below) and combine them with the Times' arrogance, lack of diversity, and occasional references to bloggers being "crabby old men," you have to wonder at their motives. Are bloggers being used to boost the newspaper's revenue, or broaden its perspective?

(David Horsey comics) Posted by Hello

We might be interested in joining the Times' blogroll if they hired a few conservatives to balance their editorial staff, or showed a sincere appreciation for bloggers.

For now, it would be too much like applying to be someone's outdoor dog.