Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Thanks to City Slicker

Thanks to guest blogger City Slicker for keeping the pot stirred at The Salt Lick and showing us the value of a different perspective. Salt Lick's pet peeve about the Roanoke Times is its lack of intellectual diversity and, providentially, City Slicker, with his comments on Northern Virginia traffic and other issues has shown us the importance of another perspective. More on that later.

Thanks, Slick.

City Slicker was a nice feller, but I don't reckon he ever caught on that this ain't really horseshoes. Posted by Hello
(from the protein wisdom "Somewhere in Jesusland" series).

It will take Salt Lick a while to get caught up and comment on the weekend follies, distortions, and spinning at the Roanoke Times. Hope everyone is well, but if not Granny has a wonderfully potent Spring tonic...