Monday, May 02, 2005

The Staunton News Leader's Jim McCloskey

I became aware of Staunton News Leader political cartoonist Jim McCloskey via the appearance his work on the editorial pages of the Roanoke Times. If you wonder why his work caught my eye, look at the sample below. There is a refreshing lack of malice. It jokes about human failure and misadventure, but unlike so many other political cartoons these days, it carries no intent to strike out and injure. What's more, if you look through the library of his work at the link below, you'll see that McCloskey is an equal-opportunity critiquer, not an agenda-driven hater. Human foibles is his interest, not putting a knife into someone with whom he disagrees.

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Here is the library of Mr. McCloskey's cartoons. A bit more of biography McCloskey here.

More of this could make politics fun and productive again.