Monday, July 25, 2005

The media lies, our men die

I know that the war my men and I fought is a totally different war than the one I see being reported by almost the entire media.

A terrific letter from a soldier back from Iraq -- at small dead animals.

How many homicide bombers have been whipped into action by the media's focus on
Abu Ghraib and Gitmo? How many killers have been encouraged by editorials like the one written by the Roanoke Times, referring to George Bush as "a turkey?" There is no way of calculating the exact number of dead, but only a fool would deny a connection. And somewhere along the line, the media have made the conscious decision to bet the lives of soldiers and civilians against their desire to damage the Bush administration.

When the history of the War on Terror is one day written, the role of a self-centered, preening media consumed with blind hatred will provide one of its most interesting and tragic chapters. And the chapter will not be titled "Their Finest Hour."