Saturday, March 19, 2005

Headlines of doom?

The Roanoke Times insists that the bias of its editorial staff, who are uniformly anti-Bush and anti-Republican, never leaks over into the news side of its operations. So when you open up a paper like this morning's you just have to laugh. Let's take a tour of Middle-East related news, as headlined today in the unbiased "news side" of the Roanoke Times:

2 YEAS AFTER INVASION: Iraqis are split between hope and despair

Analysis: Murky future hides end of war. Some analysts say Iraq will need thousands of U.S. troops for years, if not decades, to come

Some say elections have not brought safety

Shave and a haircut: 2 bits -- and your life. Gangs of militants are warning barbers in Iraq that it is forbidden to shave men's beards or do Western-style haircuts

Extremists on both sides could derail peace effort

Conflicting demands stall government

Pledges for democracy subject to budget cuts: The administration has funded democracy in Muslim countries, but virtually nowhere else

Or as liberal reporter Helen Thomas once whined at Bill Clinton during his presidency's darker days, "Mr. President, everything is going down the drain!"

Well, not really. The wonderful thing about the internet and blogging is that the "talk-down model" of journalism, where the mainstream media controls the flow of news to fit their agenda, is crumbling. For readers interested in side-stepping the Roanoke Times' spin, here are some interesting links:

Instapundit links to a study showing the Iraqi population has turned against the insurgency, with stories about great reconstruction projects underway.

Chrenkoff demolishes the AP article about "Iraqis split between hope and despair." Look at his main site, also. He often compiles the good news unreported by the MSM.

Power Line carries a letter from a Marine who tells his father about the remarkable turnaround in security in Fallujah.

Haaretz reports on positive developments between Israel and Palestine.

Oh yes, here is a historic picture of the first Iraqi legislature, guaranteed never to appear in the Ronaoke Times.

And here is other evidence of a hopeful Middle East events. Here, and here and here.

Read these over and ask yourself, as does columnist Charles Krauthammer at Colonel Austin Bay whether anything but shame is left for liberals like those on the Roanoke Times.