Thursday, March 17, 2005

Selectively Chosen Factual Information -- Are We Talking About Roanoke Times' Journalism?

Today's Roanoke Times' editorial is yet another self-righteous, ad hominem attack from the editorial staff, the most vituperative passages of which we will post in the "Roanoke Times Editorial Hall of Shame." Basically, you see, George Bush wants to poison babies. It's not just a disagreement about how to approach a serious problem. It's that he really wants to poison babies.

Or perhaps, what do you say, Lars, maybe the RT wants to be the only one allowed to "slant" the news?

For what it's worth, the editorial cites support for its opinion from Physicans for Social Responsibility. Well, you know...

For more balanced,less hysterical coverage of the mercury pollution debate read this.