Thursday, March 10, 2005

UPDATE: Whether it's Iraq, Medicaid, or Taxes, or Social Security Bush McHitlerburton is Just Plain EVIL


WOW! FIVE successive days of paranoia and self-righteousness from the Roanoke Times editorial:

Saturday, March 5: “Calling the Roll in Iraq: Critics of the war [in Iraq] rail, correctly, that the Bush administration pushed the United States into war on a false premise. And officials have maintained the spin with unacknowledged errors and unwarranted optimism since then...One lie too many could destroy what is left of the public trust, and support for the war could crumble.”

Sunday, March 6: “An Immoral Medicaid Plan: In truth, it’s not so important to the adminstration how the cuts are achieved as that the target is met as Bush scrambles to find the string and putty to hold together the budget wreck his first-term policies created... Without the programs, communities can expect homelessness to go up; jail populations to go up; suicides to go up. The Bush deficit – that would go down.”

Monday, March 7: “Caution: Shifting tax burden ahead: Depending on how a consumption tax is used and the code simplified, they could also allow President Bush to make permanent huge tax cuts that favored the wealthy by reducing the deficit they created with revenue largely from the rest of America.”

Tuesday, March 8: "Social Security con just gets bigger: The Bush administration and its political allies regularly abandon ethics, honor and especially truth to press their ideological/political agenda...America's con artists must be green with envy. Bush started out with classic confidence-game tactics...Any good confidence man could have concocted this scheme...but only [Bush] could reach into the pockets of 280 million pigeons to help pay for the con."

Wednesday, March 9:"It figures. The Republican-controlled Congress is eager to do the bidding of the deep-pocketed credit card and banking industries...Millionaires can protect their trusts, but average Americans cannot protect their homes. It figures."

Thursday, March 17:"For the Bush administration, 'factual information' is relative, subject to the political advantage it may bring to its own agenda...An estimated 630,000 babies a year in the United States are at risk from [mercury poisoning,]" but the Bush administration chooses to ignore this.

But don't worry, none of this affects the paper's "news" side, where reporters work blithely ignorant of management's proclivity to hire and reward an editorial staff that thinks "Farenheit 911" was, you know, real.