Saturday, March 26, 2005

Roanoke Times' political cartoons -- Pictures are worth a thousand words

We've already chronicled a week of Roanoke Times' editorial ad hominem attacks against Bush McHitlerburton. Now look at the paper's choice of political cartoons last week.

These are some angry newspaper people. But at least they're focused.

Sunday, March 20

Jack Ohman on Bolton's nomination to the U.N. Posted by Hello
Jack Ohman

Monday, March 21Cartoon attacking baseball players for steroids and lying.

Tuesday, March 22

Walt Handelsman on Bankruptcy bill Posted by Hello
Walt Handelsman

Wednesday, March 23 Cartoon about Taiwan and China.

Thursday, March 24

Benson on Delay Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25

Drew Sheneman on Bush Posted by Hello
Drew Sheneman

Saturday, March 26

Jack Ohman on Bush Posted by Hello