Thursday, April 14, 2005

New Roanoke Times editor anti-Big Coal? Not liberal?

I'm not sure I understand Steve's post at Southwest Virginia Law Blog.

I don't think he's questioning whether the Roanoke Times new editor, Dan Radmacher, is a "liberal." Assuming I've got the right Dan Radmacher, and he wrote this...

"I'm getting fed up with the relentless and growing demonization of people in this country based on their political beliefs -- beliefs I happen to share.
Yes, I am a liberal." (Dan Radmacher, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Jan. 4, 2004)

...the question of "liberal" is no question at all.

On the other hand, my wife (who is far smarter than Salt Lick), interpreted Steve's selected Radmacher quote...

"When a coal company throws a miner out of work for purely economic considerations, everyone accepts it. But when a federal judge decides that societal good is served by delaying a mine permit for several months to sort out whether the permits are legal, he is demonized by the coal industry and the miners union."

... as evidence Radmacher is on no one's "side" in coal country, but simply supports the court system. (He does like that word "demonization," doesn't he?)

Salt Lick doesn't know. I guess time will answer. For my part, I assume that SW Virginia Law blog, headquartered down in coal country, is privy to information and attitudes peculiar to coal issues and communities. I think he's raising something that is not readily apparent to the rest of us. Whatever, you can be sure coal is a big issue north and west of Abingdon.

FWIW, I've spent considerable time in the Powell River Project. I do wonder if coal companies would have landscaped and seeded the mountains they ravaged through mining if not required to do so by law. So I'm sympathetic to Mr. Radmacher's concerns expressed in other articles on coal mining and the environment.

Wouldn't want to demonize him. Hell no.