Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Virginia before interstates

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Ah, the blooming flowers and lengthening days put me in mind of ....WHAT ELSE -- VACATION!

Note the postcard -- VA BI -- Virginia Before Interstates. According to Scott Kozel's "Roads to the Future" weblog:
"The 325-mile-long I-81 was essentially complete in Virginia by 1968. There were two incomplete sections totaling 19 miles that were served by rural four-lane highways. A 14.4-mile section near Christiansburg was completed in 1971..."

I guess they wanted to preserve the "all dirt roads lead to Virginia Tech" motto as long as possible.

This card must be close to 40 years old, but the highlighted tourist sites are still my favorites. I've visited them all except the Bugg Island Dam. Maybe I'll take care of that this summer.