Monday, April 11, 2005

Roanoke Times political cartoons -- pictures worth a thousand words

Yet another week of Roanoke Times' political cartoons -- carefully selected, fair and balanced. Visit any of the links to these cartoons and you will find a wide variety of viewpoints to choose from. Why would the Roanoke Times choose the ones below, or the ones we've previously listed?

As we said before, these are some angry newspaper people. But at least they're focused.

Friday, April 1

Delay Posted by Hello
Jack Ohman

Saturday, April 2

Morin Posted by Hello
Jim Morin

Sunday, April 3

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Dick Wright

Monday, April 4

horsey Posted by Hello
David Horsey

Tuesday, April 5

[Cartoon spoofing the rising price of gasoline]

Wednesday, April 6

[Cartoon saying polls show 39% of Americans would favor drilling "through a box of kittens" for $2 gasoline.]

Thursday, April 7

The Ann Telnaes cartoon mocking Tom Delay and George Bush used on this day by the RT is unavailable on-line. The Telnaes cartoon below gives the reader some idea of her subtlety.

telnaes Posted by Hello
Ann Telnaes

Friday, April 8

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