Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Death and taxes. Right now I believe it.

"Rebellion? My dear woman, don't be silly. The colonials' aversion to taxes is grossly exaggerated." Posted by Hello

You know how it is. You bumble along, thinking it's just you whose real estate assessment and taxes have increased. You grumble. You complain. Then you find out you are part of a disturbing trend that is nationwide.

(And see the comment at this Commonwealth Conservative post )

And then...Good golly! You understand why Virginia's gubernatorial candidates jump out of the gate with proposals affecting real estate taxes! They've been watching and they know what's on voters' minds! Shazam!

And darned if you don't find out there was a "tax revolt" right next door in Tennessee in 1999-2002, and you didn't even hear about it.

So you tell yourself that at least you are lucky that you can pay the taxes. But then you hear experts at the world level and others others at the state level say the bottom may fall out of the economy and you'll lose what little you do have.

Dang, no wonder it's traditional not to pay attention to politics until after the fun days of Spring and Summer.

(If you want to keep up with the realities and politics that determine the state budget, read the blogs in Salt Lick's "Virginia Blogs" list, and especially read the discussions at Bacon's Rebellion.