Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Roanoke Times -- Perhaps a correction is in order?

Remember Senior Roanoke Times Editor Tommy Denton's reference to a memo allegedly proving Senate Republicans' use of Terri Schiavo's tragedy as a political opportunity? Power Line proves the memo's doubtful authenticity and suggests:

How can a correction not be in order? The [Wa]Post sent out a story that said, in part: "Republican officials declared, in a memo that was supposed to be seen only by senators, that they believe the Schiavo case "is a great political issue"... The Post now admits that "the authorship [of the memo] remains unknown." So the original story was wrong, and a correction is necessary--not only by the Post, but by every newspaper that ran the incorrect story, and by the many columnists that picked up on the fake story and used it to beat up on the Senate Republicans.

More here.

Mickey Kaus writing for Slate suggests these type stories undercut the MSM's claim to superior reporting via diligent fact-checking.