Saturday, April 02, 2005

"Well, it's not as bad as inflating your scrotum..."

Did you read the story in the Roanoke Times this morning about former National Security Advisor Sandy Burger admitting he deliberately stole and destroyed copies of a classified document about the Clinton administration's record on terrorism? No? Oh, there it is, page five, three small paragraphs.

Which is no surprise. When this story about Burger ("Sandy Burglar" to some) stuffing documents in his pants first broke last summer, the Roanoke Times delayed mentioning it for days, and finally "covered" it with a small blurb in the newspaper's back pages. I remember a letter to the editor chiding the RT for its scandalous behaviour in covering up for Berger, one of the Kerry campaign's advisors; the writer clearly did not heed the RT's assurances that the left-wing bias of its "editorial pages" never influence the "news side." (For more on this Iron Curtain, see our thought-provoking and heart-rending one-act play "Cries and Whispers in the Roanoke Times news room.")

Fast forward to the election of 2008. Imagine Condoleeza Rice is caught stuffing copies of classified documents in her bra and panties, and then admits destroying other copies that most likely contained handwritten notes in the margins. The documents pertain to Bush administration discussions on invading Iraq. Would the Roanoke Times cover this completely with a front page news and editorials?

Or as Dan Rather would say, "Does a Texas taco hang over the plate and dangle like a cowpoke caught riding the sheriff's favorite missing horse to a low-rent whorehouse? You betcha."

John Cole at "Balloon Juice" probably has the most extensive analysis of Burger's crime.

Sondra K at "Knowledge is Power" does some interesting artistic work on Berger.

And Jeff Goldstein at "protein wisdom" memorializes Burger with a poem.