Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Shake-up in the Roanoke Times' "New River Valley Current?"

Salt Lick knows very little about the business of journalism, but he had to wonder about the following. Several weeks ago, Gerry Davies, the editor of the Roanoke Times ' "New River Valley Current," wrote a column in which he expressed a fear of being fired. He'd apparently written several columns, the targets of which called and demanded his dismissal.

Now this?

For what it's worth, Salt Lick opposes the firing of any journalist merely because they've written something unpopular. As Davies wrote in his abovementioned column, that kind of response by newspaper management would be craven.

Now, Salt Lick wouldn't mind at all if journalists would start watching something other than Bill Moyers on PBS, listening to Nina Totenburg on NPR, and reading something other than The New York Times...