Friday, April 22, 2005

Roanoke Times editorial roundup -- nobody called a pig or turkey

Below are abstracts of a week's worth of Roanoke Times editorials. While the newspaper's positions are all predictably liberal, there is a restraint in name-calling unusual for the Roanoke Times. Are they finally "getting it?"

Wednesday, April 20. "The worst of all possible energy bills... the House of Representatives has been advancing an energy bill likely to make the energy industry drunk with joy -- and leave the rest of the United States with a nasty hangover... The Republican leadership is determined to have its binge..."

Tuesday, April 19. "High and rising price of drugs." The RT blames no one part from "the pharmaceutical industry's financial and political clout." (This failure to mention names means some Democrats are on the take.)

Monday, April 18. "Optimism and reality clash in Iraq...not only did the Bush administration overestimate the gratitude of the Iraqi people and their tolerance for occupation...Paul Bremer issued edicts crippl[ing] the ability of domestic industries to recover from 12 years of sanctions punctuated by the vast destruction of the U.S.-led invasion." Continuing "turds in the punchbowl" syndrome.

Sunday, April 17. "Gather the goods on problem doctors. President Bush has been pushing a measure to limit medical malpractice awards to $250,000 for noneconomic damages, such as pain and sufering...But this 'solution'...ignores the actual crisis: an epidemic of malpractice in this nation that costs tens of thousands of lives efery year." New editor Dan Radmacher opposed tort reform when he was in W.Virginia.

Saturday, April 16. "City and region: anemic and untreated. Editorial notes Roanoke and the New River Valley's population grew only 1.2 percent. Editors suggest more regional collaboration.

Friday, April 15. "The Oligarchy Restoration Act of 2005. A U.S. House vote to repeal the estate tax is bad for the federal budget, democracy and even many of the expected rich beneficiaries." Editorial is noteworthy for attack on Rep. Rick Boucher, Democrat.