Wednesday, July 27, 2005

82% of all African American births [in Richmond] are to single mothers?

I read this over at "River City Rapids."

Eighty-two percent? In Richmond?

Good golly. I thought we were making progress on this. Apropos of the Roanoke Times' frequently expressed desire for higher taxes and more government services, I found a webpage (the pdf file of which I cannot access) which says 23% of Virginia children are enrolled in Medicaid. How much of this is paid by the state? Because if it pays a big part, we must be looking at a huge budget for indigent child care, not to mention other strands of the "safety net."

So maybe Roanoke Times' columnist Shanna Flowers should worry less about crazy white girls ("the Runaway Bride") falsely accusing minorities of rape and more about black girls just giving it up for free.

And it couldn't hurt, Shanna, if you'd show even a slight disapproval of running off to the islands to "get your groove back." 'Cause, honey, over in Richmond, a girl can come back with a lot more "in tow" than a false lover.