Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Either we win or they do

A few days ago, the Roanoke Times ran a self-serving editorial proclaiming:

The most compelling argument for the patriotism inherent in criticism is this: If the administration had heeded some of its critics, the nation could be in far better shape in Iraq and the fight against terrorism.

This is fine, but it's a thin veil for the kind of rabid anti-Bush rhetoric and slanted wire-story selection that flows off the Roanoke Times pages.

This comment on a thread at protein wisdom perfectly explains the bottom line to Bush-haters like those on the Roanoke Times editorial board.

Citizen Journalist:

I’m skipping most of the comments because I want to talk to you directly, right now.

I don’t CARE whether the Leftists [who are demanding timetables for withdrawal, or equating our military troops to Nazis and Pol Pot, or marching in the street with giant puppets of Bu$Hitler] have “pure motives” or are operating in “good faith.”

There may have been legitimate debatable reasons to oppose the invasion of Iraq BEFORE IT HAPPENED. Now, to do so, is immoral and indecent. We are in a war and you have but two choices. America and the Iraqi people win, or the Islamists do. And every thing Leftists do to undercut the American effort is a choice that American loses.

Even Charles Lindbergh, who crossed the country giving speeches that American was being “tricked” into war by a conspiracy formed by FDR, England and Jews (now doesn’t THAT sound familiar!) had the common decency to shut the f*ck up after Pearl Harbor.

Why don’t you do the same.