Friday, July 01, 2005

For Darrell -- Pope John Paul II was a moron

"The [Polish Communist] regime's security paranoia could have its amusing aspects. Cardinal Wojtyla was skiing once in the Tatras near the Czechoslovak border and was stopped by a border patrol. The cardinal handed over his papers, but the militiaman, not recognizing him, began to berate Wojtyla: 'You moron, do you realize whose identity papers you've stolen? This is going to put you away for a long time.' When Wojtyla protested his innocence, the militiaman shot back, 'A skiing cardinal? Do you think I'm crazy?' Wojtyla, who was once asked whether it was becoming for a cardinal to ski and answered that it was unbecoming for a cardinal to ski badly, finally sorted things out with the militiaman's superior."

From "Witness to Hope," by George Weigel.