Saturday, July 09, 2005

Musical "tag" blogging

Old Salt Lick was slow to understand what Florida Cracker was doing when she "tagged" him for musical Q & A. Lordy, I only own one CD player (that runs on a converter off the cassette player in my car), and I don't buy much music these days. Nevertheless, here goes:

1. Total volume of music files on my computer: 0
2. Last CD I bought: Bob Dylan -- Live 1966
3. Song Playing Right Now: Nothing
4. Five Songs (or Albums) I listen to a lot or that move me:

-- Blonde on Blonde -- Dylan
-- Remember When -- Alan Jackson
-- Red, White & Blue -- Toby Keith
-- Softly, Tenderly (Jesus is Calling) -- Cynthia Clawson version from "Trip to Bountiful"
-- Lead me to that rock -- Stephen Hill

5. Tag 3 others:

-- Commonwealth Conservative.
-- Southern Conservative.
-- The Spacecraft.

I feel so inadequate. I'm going to buy some CD's today and download some tunes. Maybe that Allman Brothers anthology I've been thinking about.