Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Roanoke Times issues "apology"

The Roanoke Times editorial board apologizes today for its nationally recognized substandard reporting on last month's "hate crime" in Blacksburg, Virginia. These paragraphs in the "apology" say worlds about the editorial staff:

When some prominent religious and national leaders insist on sowing fear of all things Muslim, linking all to terrorists, their followers tend to react in kind.

And when news stories report that Muslims were offended when U.S. agents desecrated Qurans to entice Iraqi prisoners to cooperate, it is easy to think "copy cat" when burned Qurans turn up at a neighborhood mosque.

I guess it's better than the "Twinkie Defense."

(New editorial staff member Luann Traud must be wondering what she's gotten herself into. We'll offer readers some information on Ms. Traud this weekend. Don't worry, she may look like Maureen Dowd, but she's not quite that bad.)