Saturday, July 02, 2005

How much of your Roanoke Times' subscription money goes to Tim Kaine?

Well, we've got all the standing water vaccumed up and are taking a newspaper and coffee break. And what does old Salt Lick spy? An article by Roanoke Times' political reporter Michael Sluss detailing charges by the Kaine campaign that Jerry Kilgore showed favoritism to a political donor when he was Attorney Kilgore. (I can't access the online RT. Guess they're blocking old Salt Lick again.)

Being only a CITIZEN JOURNALIST, Salt Lick doesn't know much about such big-time politics, but Kaine's charges do bring to mind Salt Lick's previous discovery ("Bias? Don't believe your lying eyes.") that Frank Batten, Sr, founder and present Chairman of the Executive Board of the Roanoke Times' parent company, Landmark Communications, donated $25,000 dollars to the Kaine campaign in 2004, before the governer's race officially began. And a quick check showed, lo and behold, that Batten donated another $25,000 to Kaine early this year.

Hmmm. Of course, it's not like Landmark CEO and former Carter White House employee Decker Anstrom donated money to Kaine. Or former Democratic press aide and Roanoke Times' editor Tommy Denton. Or former CNN producer and Roanoke Times' news editor Mike Riley.

But we all do what we can, don't we boys?