Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Moonbats over Blacksburg

Predictably, the two year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq brought out the Moonbats who cluster in university-heavy Southwest Virginia.

Their appearance reminded me of Bill INDC's ground-breaking study of various Moonbat species in the Washington, DC area.

No word as to whether former House of Delegates Representative and banker Barnie Day joined the demonstrations, or merely satisfied himself by stubbornly clinging, like most Democrats, to the idea that the Iraq invasion was not worth the cost. Of course, most Southern Democrats didn't think it was worth 600,000 dead and millions of wounded to free the slaves, either.

Lincoln lied, men died, you know?

I got to know many of our local Moonbats when I first moved to Blackburg. I attended their protests of the first Iraq War ("Bush is America's Saddamn," "Down with American Imperialism," "No Blood for Oil," "Save the Whales," "Help Steven pay his rent" -- it kinda covered everything). Most of our Moonbats are relatively harmless people who work intermittently, disappear for long periods of time, and believe their activities against imperialist America and Bush McHitlerburton are monitored in Washington so that army special forces might descend on them at any time. Can't wait for the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq when they protest elections in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Iran.