Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Roanoke Times editorials -- paranoia assured?

Today's Roanoke Times' editorial addresses the Bush administration's decision to delay release of a classified report by the National Academy of Sciences discussing how to protect spent nuclear fuel rods from terrorists. There are good arguments pro and con. Reasonable men can differ on issues they all consider important to national security.

Unreasonable men (and women), however, discuss national security in these terms:

"The secret sell-out of nuclear-plant security. Siding with a cost-conscious industry, the Bush administration withholds from the public scientists' fears about spent-fuel storage...The United States has only the administration's assurance that the position it shares with the industry is scientifically reliable. Or that the academy report has been circulated among the officials who need to see it. Which is to say, Americans have no assurance at all."

But at least that's more assurance than we in SW Virginia have of a getting the truth from the Roanoke Times.