Monday, March 28, 2005

Tommy Denton gets that old time (left-wing) religion

In his weekly column yesterday ("Bush’s budget as a failure of moral values"), Roanoke Times’ senior editor Tommy Denton cited extensively to an article by Jim Wallis, "evangelical Christian and editor of Sojourner magazine." Here (so help me God) is the first website I saw when I searched the web under "Jim Wallis."

OK, now that you’ve stopped laughing, here are excerpts from other articles about Jim Wallis:

From the New York Times which requires an online registration – "Democrats Turn to Leader of Religious Left."

From Mother Jones (yes, Mother Jones) – "Is there a lesson [in the last election} for the Democrats? Yes, there is, according to Jim Wallis, editor of the leftish religious magazine Sojourners..."

There are more, but you get the idea.

There is nothing wrong with bringing Jim Wallis’ ideas into public debate (he was one of the guests on Tim Russert’s “Meet the Press” yesterday, opining at one point that George Bush’s reference to Christ in the 2000 Republican primary was phrased in an arrogant way). Salt Lick’s concern is with the continuing lack of intellectual diversity in the Roanoke Times' editorial staff. Denton’s column is yet more evidence that the Roanoke Times editors' reading and sources are almost exclusively left-wing.

Please folks, leave the left-wing journalistic madrassa, read a little more widely, consider opinions different than yours. George Bush is not the infidel, he’s just a man who disagrees with you.