Friday, April 22, 2005

Tim Kaine trying to delete ties to Dean?

Funny the things you find -- or don't find -- cruisin' around the net.

For example, I thought the story about Tim Kaine refusing to occupy the same stage as Howard Dean might be tongue-in-cheek. Then I found a post at Democratic Party support website "Value Judgement" quoting a Tim Kaine worker back on February 13, 2005, as saying that they liked Howard Dean so much they called him "Southern Comfort." But when I followed the link back to "Raising Kaine," I found no posts prior to February 14 in the archives. What?

I've copied the post here, just in case it "disappears" at Value Judgement, also.

One of the guys doing some the grassroots legwork for VA Governor candidate Tim Kaine writes about Dean as "southern comfort."

"For starters, Southern Democrats now have an ally in Washington: someone who understands the critical importance of the South, and someone who believes in the same things that they do – fiscal responsibility, faith and family. They’ve also got someone willing to fight hard for the South, who has pledged to rebuild the Democratic Party in the most conservative parts of America, and who emphasized all this by stating, 'I'll pretty much be living in red states in the South and West for quite a while.' Finally, the Tim Kaines and Mark Warners of the world now have someone in Washington DC who believes, as they do, in being a real 'uniter not a divider' -- as opposed to certain other politicians in Washington who, it turns out, are 'all hat and no cattle' on this issue.

We here at would like to congratulate Dr. Dean on his election as DNC Chairman, wish him well, and invite him down here to Virginia both early and often. Because, in Howard Dean, what we’ve got is some serious 'Southern Comfort' by way of Vermont. Welcome to the South, Governor Dean!"

So is Howard Dean Southern Comfort? Or just Night Train? Inquiring minds want to know.