Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day -- We can do more than just remember

Remembering. Posted by Hello

There is nothing I can write about Memorial Day that can't be said by others more eloquently and with more authority. Military blog Mudville Gazettte, run by a soldier, is particularly good for memories and commentary.

I always fly my flag on Memorial Day and attend a memorial service. In the middle of a war as we are now, those gestures seem paltry. This year I'll donate to Freedom Alliance Scholarship fund which provides college money to the children of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can't give those children their parents back, but we can make sure they don't miss out on a good education. A small sacrifice on our part against the ultimate sacrifice of our countrymen.

UPDATE: Florida Cracker, a veteran, has some great Memorial Day pictures at her site.

UPDATE: Another way to support veterans at Chicago Boyz.