Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Attention Hokies -- An edifice of ominous power

Go HERE and click on the stadium picture for slides of the on-going construction at Virginia Tech's Lane Stadium.

I passed this site several times today. The web pictures don't do the new stadium justice. When you are standing in its shadow, you sense an ominous power. Let me repeat that -- an OMINOUS ("having the character of an evil omen; threatening; sinister") POWER ("the ability to control others; authority; sway").

The structure is not asthetically pleasing. Instead, it's scary -- a true "House of Pain." Visiting teams will look out their bus windows, see the fortress-like walls looming over them, and hear the Blacksburg wind whisper their fate --- "doom, Doom, DOOM, DOOOOOM!"

You can bet on it.