Saturday, April 23, 2005

RaisingKaine falls off the wagon -- has not given up "Southern Comfort"

My apologies for any confusion or negative fallout from the post below this one ("Tim Kaine trying to delete ties to Dean?"). Check the comments to that post and you will see members of the "RaisingKaine" weblog team offering a link to
the post which eluded Salt Lick.
On top of that, the reliable Will Vehrs vouches for their integrity, so that is good enough for Salt Lick.

For Salt Lick, this is a lesson in reading archives and weblogs. Just because you can't find the information doesn't mean it's not there. Blogs are organized differently. The organization of one may not match the organization of the next.

And in retrospect, it would have been a good idea for me to contact the "RaisingKaine" contributors and ask them directly about the location of the "missing" post. I will in the future, now that I hear they're such good folks.

Mea Culpa.