Tuesday, May 31, 2005

In the merry, merry land of Odd?

A brain, a home, a heart? Posted by Hello

Does it seem to anyone else that the tale of Doro and her dog Toto, set in Tim Kaine's home state, Kansas, seems to be playing itself out in Virginia?

Consider -- The liberal Kaine, set down in a strange and unfamiliar conservative land, seeks Virginia's Emerald city where he will find happiness. He starts his journey, not sure of whether to turn left or right, but willing to follow any road that arrives at his destination. And like Dorothy, he picks up some odd companions along the way.

For example, his friend "The Duck." The first important issue raised by Kaine's supporters was the tenor of Jerry Kilgore's voice. This was so important they created a website to advertise it -- "Jerry the Duck," complete with a link -- "Hear Jerry Quack!" (that has since been removed). Kaine's official website welcomed the Duck on their journey to the Emerald City and linked to the "Duck" website.

To reinforce The Duck, swarms of flying left-wing MoveOn moonbats, servants of chief Democratic moneybags and Wicked Wizard of the East George Soros, drove in from out of state to erect Tim Kaine's signs.

Send out the moonbats! I'll rule Emerald City yet! I'll get you Kate Obenshain Griffin, my pretty! Posted by Hello

Next, Kaine supporters decided to take the voice attack a step further and mock Kilgore as "gay." (I recently heard Kaine's voice in a TV add, it was hardly "macho." More like a "Choirboy.")

But unexpected events lay ahead on the road to the Emerald City. The Duck got winged when he attended Virginia's historic shad planking, and got busted by the cops.

I'm looking for the Emerald City, officer, and I've lost my dog. Posted by Hello
(Photo courtesy of Commonwealth Conservative.

Then the fun with Kilgore's voice backfired and made national news when it transmorgified into "Accentgate." Scrambling away, Kaine's official website delinked to "Jerry the Duck" and his supporters' whining protests sounded more like munchkins than Kilgore could ever hope to.

So, Ducks and moonbats failed. Then what?

How about a new strategy to push the Duck costume theme further down the crossdressing road? How about suggestions -- that Kaine supporters become transvestite voters?

What the ....?

Somewhere in the Reagan years, the Democratic Party lost its bearings. I know -- I worked to get Jimmy Carter elected and then watched his party almost drive the American Dream into the ground through self-loathing, distaste for traditional values of the American people, and big government worship. With the passage of time, it's gotten worse. Howard Dean, George Soros, and now a Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate cavorting with Ducks, moonbats, and transvestites. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Where are the lovable old Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion?

Someone tell Tim there's no place like home. I'll buy the ruby slippers.