Thursday, July 28, 2005

"Over There" is way out there

A friend of mine, a retired Army Special Forces sergeant, sent the following to a few of us last night.

I am about halfway through watching a show on FX called "Over
There". It has been hailed as the first war drama ever aired on TV while
the war was still going on. It is made by Steven Bochco, a big name
However I am warning all of y'all, this show is a stinker. It
puts the term "sucks" to a new level.
Think of every stereotype you ever heard from Viet Nam, and then
place it in Iraq. It has soldiers smoking dope, NCOs who hate their men,
Officers who try to kill their men, Generals who have no idea what to do,
the black guy who hates the army and thinks all the white guys are
against them, the dumb Southern boy, the highly educated Yankee boy who
waxes philosophy about what savages we truly are. The Black choir boy who
writes an anti-war song about how bad it is and that they are all being
killed over there (even though up to that point in the show none of them
had been killed). The soldiers then go off on their own to get liquor,
taking a truck and a HUMV, and then get blown up.
It was a doozy.
Don't watch it, and don't believe the hype that will most likely
follow. Its a stinker. I'm annoyed that I wasted an hour of my life on